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Them white boys was so corny but yes they could dance. Thanks x 7 LOL! I said this before and I'll say this again.

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How in the hell was this a B2K movie? When 3 out of the 4 members only had 1 or 2 lines in the whole movie.

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Marques old ugly ass shouldn't have had a lead role in the movie. Jboog was a better actor than both Omarion and Marques. Which was a damn shame because he only had 15 lines in the movie.

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Thanks x 6. This wasn't a B2K movie. Their names was used to sell tickets because they were popular at the time. The acting was trash. Thanks x 9 Sad x 1. I hated how Marques Houston was so upset with Omarion for not meeting up with him but thinking escort porn pictures it now Like really bruh!

I kinda get it now. Thanks x 8 LOL! Marques should have been slapped for saying his own sister was acting like a ho for having a boyfriend as a teenaged girl. It was stupid that the lead female was super light, family wise it didn't even make sense.

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He's a pro at off-roading on his four-wheeler. He's got better aim with a hotdog gun than anyone in this realm or any other.


He's got the strength of at least three sausages and his dance moves are out of this world. Low-effort novelty accounts that do not constructively contribute content or add to discussion e.

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Article by. When you not a hooper, so you don't know that this is great defense, but better Its a meme. To be fair he didn't say it was bad D he just said he got served up which with a move and shot like that he did.


you got served gif homemade tranny sex That song San Francisco, you got served! San Francisco got majorly spanked by South Park tonight. Who has killed the most people in South Park? Janus, What do you all think?
you got served gif pussy eating fetish This classic, starring early-aughts teen queen Julia Stiles, the briefly promising Sean Patrick Thomas Cruel Intentionsnever forget! Highlights: a dance training montage to P! Future Mrs. Channing Tatum! This is the chupacabra, the unicorn, the holy grail. If you ask any girl born between, oh, to about this movie you will typically get one reaction:.
you got served gif ravishing ryder Find and save You Got Served Memes Colloquial vernacular to express the status of one who is the recipient of a subpoena, which more commonly would be. You Got Served is a American dance drama film written and directed by Chris Stokes, manager of its stars, recording artist Marques Houston and boy band. Where trailblazing films like Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo broke ground for cardi b titts dance flicks in the '80s, the classic You Got Served. You Got Served: Beat the World. Drama Music. More information.
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xx giral Twitter: ZNwanji. Instagram: ZNwanji. We all remember our first celebrity crush. Mine was Omarion Lil Romeo was closely second in line. And thanks to her, their debut was my first physical album purchase.
gay boy gif The Phillie Phanatic has a wealth of skills and abilities that gif rest of us mere mortals are only able to marvel at. He's a pro at off-roading on his four-wheeler. He's got better aim with a hotdog gun than you in this realm or any other. He's got the strength of at least three sausages and his dance moves are out of this world. One sorry soul learned that last tidbit the hard way when he challenged the Phanatic served a dance-off at Citizens Bank Park on Friday. A young man named Hannibal and something called a Flava were at CBP on Friday for the Nationals-Phillies game and offered some between-innings entertainment, breakdancing for the hometown crowd:. When Hannibal was through showcasing his skills, it was time for the Phanatic to put got or shut up.
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