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SoulCalibur 6 2B Outfit With Other Characters + Poses & Lighting FX

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There;'s Cosplay, then, there's porn. This, thankfully is still cosplay. There are certain aspects calibur Ivy's costume that you just can't sew on your own. Well, not without an advanced medical degree and some silicone.

Ivy Soul Calibur - Cosplay

She makes hot models in short skirts work. This is probably the best cosplay I have ever seen. Seriously, this cosplay looks just like Ivy not some lbs version of her like most cosplays are. All sex jokes aside, it's actually a really good cosplay. Much closer to the earlier iterations of Ivy then the newer ones. Very nice, I can't remember how I found it earlier on another site but it went back to her flickr site with more cosplay shots of other characters most of which had more clothing ayesha takia house pictures for Ivy she did good on the calibur.

I think the second pic is the best one of these. SC4 costume is a bit over the top in the chest department so I ivy no one will do that one, heh. I didn't think i'd ever see a good ivy cosplay. Now I know I was wrong, but damn am I glad I was. Anyone who says she's fugly needs to be smacked upside the head, that is some awesome cosplaying right there.

That said, thats hardly the soul of cosplay outfits, ivy's other costume the one in all the trailers any real woman would be literally falling out of, it would be impossible to keep sexy chloe inside that She even got the hair right. And the facial expression. I've never been this impressed by cosplay people twitch wolfgang. And the boobage is nice and human :.

Forgive the figure of speech, but she's got some big balls to have done that. If she were my girlfriend, I'd marry her for that. I guess they dont know what real breasts are soul Droppy, perfect round breats, and enourmous, fairly shaped breats like Ivy's in SC4 dont exist, so ya But any I find her really atractive :D. It's a pretty good cosplay, but nothing I would ever wear myself. Of course, it's nearly impossible for any real, non-supermodel woman to pull off the exact proportions of the original video game character, calibur everyone cosplay those sorts of observations.

They're fantasy women for a reason. The only things that comes to mind are the words of a great man. I like boobs. Boobs are awesome. She's pretty fugly. Ivy seen way better Soul Calibur cosplay.

Soul Calibur's Ivy in the Flesh - Giant Bomb

But then again I've seen way, way, waaayyyyy worse. Why can't I fuckin upload from any of my computers? I hate using links Anyone who can upload right now, please post the pic I've linked to. The costume looks accurate but the taste and the judgment of the cosplayer must be questioned. If I liked a game I wouldn't dress up as a hypersexed ugly lady with a sword whip thing and then put pictures of me on the internet.

Then again, Cosplayers are not known for their sanity. I would make a constructive comment on this, but I really can't. It would not be taken seriously. Even by me. Giant Bomb News 69 Comments. Share: Twitter Facebook Reddit.

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soul calibur ivy cosplay sex games teen titans Two of them, in fact. And they weren't girded with what you would call good taste. Yes, Ivy has been getting less and less clothed--and less and less modest --with every iteration of Namco Bandai's fighting series. So I thought in light of our review, you'd want to see this cosplayer's attempt to bring the impossible to life. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
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