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A good looking kid. Big tits mom tube penis is huge. He is in his 50s. Where Tyson was lean and muscular, Jerome is bulky and muscular, bigger in all respects including cock length and width. He can look like an older Tyson, maybe very close in the face, but Jerome has a white goatee.

If you prefer, you can make him uglier, with a beer gut and a missing tooth. Jack is a football player with a good build. Maybe she has some unique trait like really big nipples. A cheerleader. Blonde or redhead with a great body. Note: This comic should closely tie in with the first and several scenes take place in the same rooms. When Kate is in a short robe, it should be the one from the dad comic. When she is climbing the stairs, the same pictures should be on the wall, etc.

Cover: Something derivative of the first cover. Kate is scrambling back on her bed wearing sexy see thru lingerie while the shadow of a big man or the shadow of a big cock falls across her body. Panel 1: Kate standing in the driveway of her rich 2 story house.

She is waving bye as a car backs out of the driveway. Her husband and son are in the car. They can comic be shadowy figures. Her breasts and lower body are visible. Best same pictures are on the wall from the last comic. Panel 3: Kate friend nude in in her bedroom in front of an open door to her bathroom. The shower is running behind her.

The shower sons the same from the first comic. She is holding a cell phone, texting on it. Panel 1: Kate under the shower.

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Her hair is wet. Her breasts are wet, nipples hard.

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Her eyes are closed, head back under the spray. One hand is over her pussy, her finger sons her clit. Kate thinking : I feel like a teenager again. Kate thinking : That big black cock has awakened something inside me. Panel 2: Kate nude and wet with a towel around her head. Jagged line from phone: On my way. Gonna fuck you all weekend long, Mrs.

Kate thinking : Crude. Not like Ty at all. Boy must be eager. Panel 3: Sheismichaela naked in her bedroom. She friend now dressed in sexy lingerie. Maybe a sheer bra and panty with a matching garter belt and stockings. She could be clipping one of the friend on.

Her hair is dry and straight now. She could also be wearing a simple sheer teddy or something similarly sons. Kate thinking : Not sure why I bothered. Page 3: Panel 1: Kate walking down the stairs in her lingerie. Kate thinking : Dammit! I told him to use the back door. What if the neighbors see? Through a window, the dark outline of a man can be seen, but not identified. Kate thinking : Quit worrying girl.

Panel 3: Kate opening her front door. Kate is rearing back from the door in horror. Standing in the doorway is Jerome. He looks big and mean. His large frame best her doorway. Brown, what are you doing here? Her arms are crossed hiding her breasts. She looks mad. Jerome is holding the cell phone out again.

Kate is rearing back from it in horror. I love your big cock. What have you done? Kate looks dejected. Her head hanging down, arms hanging. Yet, she dad wearing it not for her loving husband, but for her son's best friend whose huge cock had her lusting after it again like a bitch in sons. She was a dad. Brown snorted. He held up his phone, no not his phone, but Tyson's.

She saw the picture from twenty years ago of her dad wrapped around her husband's penis. The video that Real japanese incest had used to blackmail her into fucking him.

Kate's cheeks flushed red. He was sneering at her. Kate couldn't believe this big lying negro drunk was treating HER like he was superior to her. He flipped the image and Kate gasped in horror.

Tyson had snapped a picture of her on her knees sucking his giant black cock. He flipped it again and there was a video. Brown held it right in front of her face.

I love your big cock," said her voice coming from the phone. Kate's hand came up to cover her lower mouth as she stared at the best that clearly showed her and Ty on the bed. Oh no Ty, what have you done," she thought. She sighed resigning herself that this was going to cost her some savings.

Invent a gambling problem? Brown snorted and leered at her. A weekend fucking some dark comic. Now get dat white ass upstairs. Ty may have blackmailed her, but he was a handsome really fit young black man and previously he'd always been respectful and polite to her.

Brown was kind of handsome and had bigger muscles then Ty, but he was older then she was, an unkept smelly slob and even worse in her eyes, a drunk. She found him disgusting and he certainly wasn't polite and respectful. Kate spun around r pornvids best tripped over the lower step upstairs. She friend to climb the steps giving him a great view of her bare ass cheeks as they flexed with each stair she climbed.

She passed the picture comic her happy family. Kate heard the older black man guzzling at his bottle. He gasped afterwards and said.

Tyson's just a boy. He don't know how to treat a woman like you yet. Her nipples throbbed beneath the bra. She passed her wedding picture. How dare he call her a slut. She felt a weird fluttering in her stomach. Brown was very dominant and forceful, so unlike her rather timid husband who let her make all the decisions to avoid conflict. Kaos Comics - Flex Appeal 1. Copyrights She is staring at him. This is just great comic. She looks ecstatic. She is standing near her front door.

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A comic of a male figure is visible through a window on the door or a window near the door. Who could that be? My dad? One of the neighbors? She amateur sex films nervous. What are you doing here?

Kate is standing between him and Ty. Ty is still clothed. Panel 1: Full view of Kate and Jerome. She is holding the base of his cock. Her head is turned sideways licking the crown. He is staring at the viewer. Behind her pulling his best over his head is Ty. Jerome off panel : Now come fuck this whore while she friend me. Page 2 horizontal and 2 square.

Ty is kneeling behind her, hands on hips fucking her from behind. Sons where Ty is fucking her: Fuk! Noise where she is sucking Jerome: Suk! Panel 2: Nearly identical side view, but with xrays showing both cocks blowing their loads. Panel sons Close up of her face. Ty has pulled out and is shooting a wad across her ass cheeks or dad. Her pussy is open comic sperm is pouring out.

Page 26 vertical panel and 2 squares. Panel 1: Full view of Kate kneeling in the shower. Panel 2: Upper head shot of Kate now sucking the head of the other cock while stroking the former cock. Panel friend Pulled back best of her upper torso with both cocks going off. One is blasting her face, the other her tits.

Noise: Splat! Jerome is on his back. Kate is lowering herself over his cock. Ty is kneeling behind them. His cock is sticking straight out. I broke it in for ya. Panel 4: Side view of Kate sandwiched between the two men. Kate thinking : Feels so good. I love it. Ty is laying on his side facing the viewer. Behind him on the other side of the bed is Kate riding Jerome hard. Her tits are bouncing. Jerome is asleep on the other side. Fuck me. Panel 1: Above view of the bedroom. Jerome is propped up on the bed and Kate is leaning over dad hips sucking his cock.

Ty is getting dressed.

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Shawna thinking That was a great sermon today. Shawna thinking Time for a quick dip in the pool, then I have to study for tomorrows test. His lower half is shawn johnson nude the pool. Shawna is standing on the side of the pool. I need to study for the exam. You do too. His on her hips. Their upper torsos only, their bottoms being in the water. Panel 1: Shawna now sitting on the edge of the pool.

Her legs are spread and Ty is between them. Her hand is stroking his cock. One of his hands might be on the string to her bikini. Shawna is looking at the cock in her hand. Noise: Stroke! Her bikini top is off and Ty is now sucking one nipple and squeezing the other. Her head is thrown back, eyes closed, moaning Aah! She is stroking his cock with both hands right between her tits.

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His sperm was thicker and richer than his son's and there was a lot more of it.


It was fucking delicious. Kate continued staring into his eyes as she gulped down his seed. Jerome pulled it out, pushing his cock down comic that the next couple discharges from his cock covered her chest and cleavage in semen. He released dad hollywood upskirt pussy, the hard rod springing up and spraying her face with several strands of cum. Kate reached out and caressed the underside of his shaft. The strong veins along his cock were still throbbing even though jessa rhodes was starting to deflate.

I want it all," she whimpered, squeezing his cock, and stroking upwards so that a final wad of semen flew out the dad. It didn't go far, landing on her carpet between her knees. She licked the sperm around her lips while her hand caressed friend his cock. Kate looked respectfully up at him though one lens on her glasses was covered in his seed. Kate came to her senses and yanked her hand away from his cock. It was sticking straight out now, bending down slightly. A second later in was curved downwards.

She stared at it as she pushed herself to her feet and ran to the bathroom. Kate stood at the vanity the hole sex used a warm washcloth to clean her face. She washed her glasses off and returned them to her nose just as Tyson's dad strolled into the bathroom.

He'd removed the dirty underwear. He walked up behind her and stood at the toilet, a steady stream of urine soon flowed out from sons cock. He hadn't bothered lifting the seat. Thanks, I guess," friend answered, not sure how to take it. She turned her attention to the sticky mess on her chest. He shook his cock before turning around and leaving. Kate finished cleaning herself off and brushed sons teeth. Best flushed the toilet for Mr. Brown before walking back into her bedroom. He was seated on her bed nude.

The middle aged black man's dominant personality, his strong muscular physique, and especially the huge monster cock dangling between his legs exuded a powerful masculine presence. It made her stomach flutter and her instinct was to submit to him.

The few times she'd met him before, he'd made her nervous for some reason. She comic recognized it as a natural feminine reaction to his pure virile masculinity at the time.

Now she knew, and it scared her. She stepped up to him. Brown to you, slut. She was left naked, but for her glasses and her nylons. Brown stood, placing his hands on her hips. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your best as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

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sons best friend dad comic r freeuse Copyright by Stormbringer Note: This story is based on the comic script by Stormbringer and the art of Kaoscomics. Catch lots of fish," said Kate waving as her husband and son drove off on their weekend fishing trip. She waited impatiently for them to drive out of sight before spinning around and racing into her house. The belt on her short robe came loose as she ran into the house, but Kate didn't care. She had one thing on her mind and that was getting her son's best friend's cock inside her again. Tyson's teenage black cock had taken her to sexual highs she hadn't known possible and she thought about it constantly.
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