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Anal teen group sex 16 Dec 15 Dec 14 Dec 13 Dec 12 Dec 11 Dec 10 Dec 9 Dec 8 Dec 7 Dec 6 Elevated error rates and latency.

With communities focused on entertainment, news, sports, DIY, viral memes, cats, cartoons, and more You can find your home on Reddit. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Share photos and messages privately and easily with your groups and friends. The sweet spot with slotting other DPS in your formation tends to be right now. With how Observe operates, it's not about what buffs you Observe, but how many buffs you Observe.

Remember, 5x10 is the same increase as 5x You still get a 5x increase either way. Arkhan gameplay gets put in a tough spot here. This may seem like a massive increase, but the reality is that it's not, comparatively. He absolutely can provide more, but it's an uphill climb to overcome a DPS option that also provides a separate, unique buff that can be Observed.

As soon as I acquire gear for Observe, Zorbu will win hands down. Finally, I end with the ever-present "Should you Nrakk? The answer is still probably NO. This section is dedicated to champion selection and gearing - mainly after you've reddit everyone's free play at tokens.

Below, I give open mouth gif opinion on who to focus, why, and what seems to be important. Artemis will absolutely improve with new champions, but that timeline could be 2 years or 2 months. Who knows? Barrowin may or may not receive another revamp. Nerys is quite weak as well. I can't speak for CNE, but it would seem to me she's due for a buff. I would focus on items instead of characters. For Barrowin, Slot 3 epic. Nerys' Slots all add about the reddit relative power.

Reddit down? Current outages and problems | Downdetector

Right now, Artemis isn't quite there yet. He's got some great mechanics, and certainly shakes up stale formations. By not using dedicated buffers, you typically cut yourself out of large buff percentages that have to be made up somewhere. Artemis has the potential to be a top contender, but right now the numbers aren't quite there. We'll need more characters available to start seeing what his true potential is.

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Reddit way the game is currently setup, debuffs rule the roost. Both of these don't work as well with Artemis as we'd like, because tranny suck have no buffs to Observe. The mileage you get out of Artemis will heavily depend on a few factors - 1 how many events champions do you have at your disposal, and are they geared? The more you have available, and the better geared they are, the better Artemis performs.

This is exactly similar to reddit Arkhan scales and functions. The other factor is how reliant are you on debuffs? This is mostly due to the slot he occupies, as well as how he interacts with buffs rather than debuffs. Lastly, there is a clear tanking issue with Artemis. With all cases save Tyril, the tanks run into survival issues at higher levels, as well as heavy buff trade-off for their slots.

Sentry is the other best option, but like Tyril, you have to position your auxiliary DPS within 2 slots of your tank.

Psylisa's Guide to Artemis - 12/18/19 : idlechampions

Unfortunately, that room comes at a cost of time - time for new champions to arrive that really allow reddit to shine. Unless they fixed it already they did say "shortly"there's apparently a bug in the WebGL version at the moment involving buffs that have stacks, like Documancy.

This thread has screenshots and a dev? I, unfortunately, don't know whether it's still current or not, though. They fixed it not long after that post, sometime around pm PST that night. It was enough time to do a speed potted run to though, which was pretty fun. When in a fight everything always felt slightly different when getting shot versus attacking someone and not taking damage.

I distinctly remember a duel I had the other day where I was practically waving my reticle left and right across my opponent, shooting a couple reddit feet to his left and right multiple times over before finally dying. Afterwards I was like, " When you were being shot meana wolf pov, the reticle would slowly turn itself towards the enemy shooting you. Not even going to mention it? Nope, because it's blatantly blown out of proportion.

Several videos that claim you can "aim without touching the sticks" were found to be falsified as the guy would, in fact, touch the sticks. In fact, in this video, they try to say it is unfair.

At the start, he is clearly strafing with his opponent and still adjusts his aim and misses occasionally, and gets a lucky RNG bloom reddit and claims it's aim assist. He then proceeds to strafe left against someone and miss 5 times in a row until he readjusts his aim to actually hit the guy.

You can easily see all his movements on his controller monitor. Also there are MANY other issues causing people to quit, not aim assist. No server browser, no campaign XP, no Forge, no Theater, only 1 Halo so far, bad progression system, etc I could go on. Pros and almost everyone at the higher sex videos on naughty america of play know controllers are busted.

It is so obvious when you are playing a kmb vs controller player. On kmb its hard to win mid range dmr fights when both players are strafing and that is the majority of fights in competitive.

SWAT and Snipers are kmb favored though. Snipedown, Naded, Hysteria, and Summit are ones that come to mind that reddit talked about this. A lot of players on PC on competitive have straight up quit because its that bad. Is it possible to get more gametypes and maps for hardcore to provide feedback for v8 settings potentially? Still want to crouch while walking. I get that it's a "feature", but it's a stupid-ass feature for a PC game.

I understand wanting to be faithful to the original game, but without analog input the mechanic reddit work as intended. Crouching should just automatically reduce the movement speed like every other PC shooter in the last 20 years.

Hell, adding a walk modifier key would fix the issue without compromising the original design It's not elegant, but it'd at least make my script simpler. De-scope is a game mechanic. Reach has inverse flinch that centers your crosshair back on target when you took damage.

It was to help controllers back in the days keep their tracking consistent but because PC players can easily adjust manually they overcompensated for the flinch and it messed with their tracking. This basically makes tracking easier. Thank you so much for the map variant changes. Less time on Anniversary will definitely see me playing a lot more BTB now. Also thank you for looking into Pollyanna mcintosh porn and Spire for both had gotten much worse in terms of balance of power.

What is "weight" in this context? Some maps are heavier in that there is more chance of getting them? How about getting my progress counted when playing Legendary campaign? I beat two missions on Legendary and didn't show that I've completed them. For some reason, the menu is freezing on me on startup. I had to keep pressing windows key to get to the settings and change it to windowed. Full and Borderless just freeze up. Can someone let me know if my 2 personal biggest issues have been addressed? Cannot adjust sensitivity to enough decimal points and cannot crouch while moving because of controller optimization.

Shemale training porn the life of reddit I will never understand how audio can be this bad at launch though. It's not even a game from scratch either. It sounds like I'm in a tunnel while in a metal trailer. It's really bad on maps with multiple levels like penance and countdown. A stat error has been fixed that was causing multiplayer kills in Halo: Reach to increase the deaths in your service record.

Most reported problems

Wondered why my K:D ratio was all over the place. Does this mean the statistics have been retroactively corrected or have you guys only fixed the genesis of the problem? It doesn't seem that hard to just make it so that if you phat arse infected last round, you can no longer be infected. If you use the PC game pass version, you might have to update through the Windows store app. It doesn't try to update itself when launching from the game pass app for some reason.

I realize that's your opinion and you are entitled to it, but seeing that written out has made me see seethe angrily in spawn killing and horrible DMR SWAT games. Where are the AR starts? Every game is now "strafe left and right repeatedly until you manage to get a 5 shot reddit. Yes, where is the glorious AR gameplay of holding W and meleeing? The game is so stale without this crucial part of halo I sure do love the gameplay of spawning with the strongest non power weapon and only needing to pick up power weapons ever.

Map control and fighting over spawns is literally the spirit of halo. Precision starts invalidate half the sandbox and make the game less fun. Ah yes i do love halo. Remember in ce when u didnt spawn Wait u spawn with the best wep outside of power weps in all games of the series. The DMR with mouse and keyboard and overall better graphics is getting to be an issue just due to the one shot precision element of it. It's not like the BR to where the spread makes long range sniping unreliable either.

As someone who frequently top scores on BTB also this is brought up mainly because DMR supporters always bring up the skill of AR supportersthe gameplay is just getting fucking dumb now. Vehicles were actually somewhat usable onand now the reddit ones worth using are just the tanks.

I rarely pick up most power weapons nowadays namitha hot breast because the DMR literally does everything for me. DMR needs to be slightly less reliable at long range.


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