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Shot Glasses. Drinking Glasses. Trucker Hats. Canvas Tote Bags. Teddy Bears. Ceramic Round Ornaments. Pet Apparel. Mouse Pads. Jewelry Boxes. Throw Pillows. Framed Tiles. Standard Mugs. Large Mugs. Stainless Steel Travel Mugs 16 oz.

Standard Buttons. Round Magnets. Men's Hoodies. Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirts. Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirts. Men's Baseball Tees. Like the pecosdave bundles, it's going to be tiered. Common reasons: Disagreement on rewards Fraud or plagiarism Hate speech or trolling Miscategorized content or spam. Pecosdave has a bedtime story read to him My son has a bed time story read to him.

Linux on Windows - not that bad. I feel less lost when using Windows this way. So, I installed the Linux subsystem for Windows yesterday for the first time. Then I installed Ubuntu for Windows.

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A solution for purged voters. Why fight over nickles and dimes when you can go all in? This is relevant to the Alex Jones pecosdave situation. I'm a Christian, not a brand name Christian but one all in the same. I try not to beat pecosdave over the head with that….

Video and Web 3. I guess…. Sam gets new shoes.

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This is probably my favorite video of my boy - the videos getting old. He's worn holes in those naked sister video since then and…. Are you ready for Web 3. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. August 2nd, pecosdave, pm. I know it's the old network and most people have moved on. I found it hard to come back here with limited time. I'm active on Akasha, Steemit nikki hoopz sex Minds now - I've noticed the ones I like the best are the ones that are most like pecosdave one.

Tags soapbox. February 27th,pm. Houston is finally getting serious about bike lanes. I wonder if chastising them on Slashdot, here and everyone else helped? Tags bikes. April 19th,pm. It worked great after rooting it, don't get me wrong. The battery drained a little too fast for reasons unknown even though I did strip everything Pecosdave could get pecosdave with stripping out of it - still lasted a really long time.

I also realized even though I could read my Kindle and Google books from their native readers only the Kindle books wouldn't work natively on the Nook - after I put the stupid Adobe book manager on my Windows virtual machine I really don't even like to start up to move the books over.

I also let my dad use the Nook once to read a book I downloaded. It isn't hard to use hacked, but dad isn't exactly someone who understands digital technology well. I think I'm just pecosdave to keep it around unhacked to supplement my Kindle. Between Calibre and everything else I don't have much of pecosdave need for an extra Kindle capable reader.

Tags androidbookshardwareusefull. January 31st,am. I chose this device because it's rather cheap, is notoriously easy to pwn and actually has good reasons to be pwned. The first thing I found when I went root this thing is there's a bunch of pages out there that tell you how to do it, and no real central place with a run down of exactly pecosdave needs to be done. There were many different XDA forum threads, but as forums tend to be there wasn't a pecosdave "top level" to cascade out to what you need to do.

Hopefully my links below can act as a top level for someone. I'm not going to give a lot of step-by-step instructions, the links will do that.

I'm just trying to bridge it all together and cut out some guessing for you.


wife sharing xxx Been around a while. I'm the original Pecosdave, first appearing on the web in 96, since then a couple of others have claimed my name - I'm not the porn king. Sugar Land Texas pecosdave. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common pecosdave.
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