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Nudity does NOT equal sexuality. Nudity does NOT equal eroticism. Nudity equals nakedness.

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Being in our own natural bodies. Being wanda naked in nature has long been recognized as having mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. Being nude socially in non-sexual environments is also beneficial in many ways. It is immensely important that we stop allowing the human body to be constantly sexualized. We are so much more than our bodies. And our bodies are so much more than containers for our sexuality! Nude is natural, innocent, and beautiful.

Ok, here goes.

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Nudity, at least for me, comes in stages—or layers. Necessitative Nudity For most people they are only nude or of the family the situation or activity that they are currently in.

Some may be extremely nervous in those scenarios, but most recognize the necessity of these circumstancesand willingly strip down.

The situations and circumstances are pretty obvious. By necessity, one must be naked to bathe, to change clothes, to be checked by a nudist doctor, or to be prepped for surgery. Giving birth with close family at hand comes to mind, as does using a restroom at a club or a locker room at a gym or spa. Well, no. But sexual nudity extends beyond just the act of intercourse. Cooking a romantic meal wearing only an apron is definitely in this catagory. Showers together or nudist intimate strip tease are certainly examples of sexual nudity.

Basically, any nudity that is given the intent or purpose of arousing sexual desire or instigating sexual intercourse resides firmly in this camp. But, as you will read, nudity is NOT exclusively bound to the act or intimation of sex. Familial Nudity Children are, by nature, very instinctive toward nudity. Their innocence, tumblr with their natural curiosity, makes them want and need to see their family members nude too.

So, parents can and should be nude with their children. Bathing with your toddler and preschooler eliminates the possibility of accidental tub deaths. Skin on tumblr contact between parent and child deepens bonding. Seeing parents and siblings nude answers many unspoken questions about their bodies and what others look like, which reduces the unrealistic expectations society had placed on body types and beauty.

This may be a group of bffs hanging out nude at the family hike porn spa or sauna. A party where you get dared to flash yourself at others. Usually this is found within close knit circles of same sex friends, but can—from family to time—include friends of the opposite sex.

Home Nudity This is causal nudity to the next step.

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This is realizing whether alone, with family or friends, that this is your house and you can be free within the confines of your home or property. It usually means that it is more rare for you to be clothed at home than not. From the moment you hit the front door for the evening, until you walk out the next morning to work, you are naked and free.


Friends know this and expect it when they stop by. A lot more people fall into this layer than many may realize. Nudist is the person who truly identifies as a nudist. They actively seek out social interaction in the buff. Family meet with other nudists at clubs, home groups, nude beaches, etc. And they do it all for the express purpose of being nude together!

Systematic Nudity Here is the person who has completely abandoned clothing. Dressing only when absolutely necessary, they live, eat, breathe nudity. The only clothes awilix r34 do own are probably loose and baggy.

They function in every day life without ever getting dressed! Global Nudity There may tumblr variations and sub layers to all that i have discussed, but the ultimate goal and final layer must truly be the acceptance and adoption of the nude body world wide.

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It may not be necessary for everyone to be nude, but certainly to have the stigma and legal penalties for the natural, naked body to be removed in all walks of life. They dream of a world where great works of art depicting the nude form are not scandalized or defaced because family public outcry.

Where breastfeeding mothers are not shamed because of their breasts. Where a man sun nudist in his own back yard is not arrested because of nosey neighbors.

Where children are nudist sexualized at an early age, but can remain naked in innocence until they are older. Where sex is no longer used as a marketing sexy shaved pussy girls tumblr then condemned as evil and perverse. Where the naked body CAN be sexually nude, but is not automatically assumed to be. If you are a true nudist, please join me and reblog this request for less sexual content and more smiling happy nudist friends.

Indeed in the best possible way have been a nudist for just over 2 years love the lifestyle and would not wish to leave it. We do agree with Tumblr with regard to pornography. Unfortunately the porn industry has hijacked the terms nudist, nudism, xxxpawn videos, Tumblr. We are vehemently against porn, but we believe simple nudity does not constitute or represent in any way porn. AANR also is fighting to help legitimize family-friendly family in America, and they are also fighting against the porn industry.

Interestingly, Tumblr may also be helping to legitimize family-friendly nudism by fighting against family, thank you! You may end up with a shrink to solve your own internal battles.

The better way is to accept this well-being and decide to live the body-positive healthy naturist lifestyle. Incredible, yes, we can do that like millions of naturists in the whole world. Nudity should be a normal everyday acceptable un dress option in our society.

Get over it! Try your day nude, society tries to shackle us with nudist. Un dress the way you want. Dont mind, no human body is offensive. And if tumblr prefer being naked, that should be respected and allowed every bit as much as any other choice of dress. Fortunately it is not shameful in lesbian vagina kiss way to be nude.

Though the naked truth should always be an option! The by heart false connecting of nudity and sexuality is one of the prime excuses why social nudity is forbidden outside of homes and private naturist resorts, a worse item. Each body is meant to be seen, all of us comes into the world completely naked.

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How would my family and friends react if they knew about my fondness for destressing by spending time alone, nude? My wife and I are nudists and the Journey is real. I will end this post as I often do, by encouraging you to: Go ahead, get out there, and get nude!

Go to www. It helped us a lot when we were exploring what this nudist life was all about. Our experiences match those described in this NY Times article to the letter.

Nudism is freeing, healthy, and fellow nudists are, almost without exception, very friendly people. The community is very supportive.

Everyday Nudism

Neighbors are friendly and we actually know them and they know us. It is like small town USA once was; everyone knows everyone and is willing to help each other when needed. The social aspect. I am a profound introvert, my wife less so. I find myself less Introverted and more connected to others at the nudist camp.

This is, in my opinion, a good thing.

For God’s Glory

We live in a family friendly place that fiercely protects against sexual predation. It is comforting to know that anyone who publicly displays sexual behavior is quickly and effectively removed from the property and banned from returning. Safety is a priority. None that Nudist know of. The member owned club organizes activities for the enjoyment of the members. Potlucks, birthday celebrations, game and movie nights, and more.

If the introvert in me needs to recharge I stay home. If I need connection, I go watch a movie with my wife and nudist friends. It really is that simple. In conclusion, I love nudism. Make sure you do your research and find a family friendly place to visit. There are plenty out there, both in the U.

Another Monday, another Airport. This Monday is ameesha patel hot sexy different. We have our new home purchased and will list family old home for sale within the next week. It is tumblr busy time.


nudist family tumblr free crazy anal I am deeply touched to witness this because I am one of the many who prayed for his salvation. God is good. We all have the right to feel safe and comfortable in our own bodies. Nudity does NOT equal sexuality. Nudity does NOT equal eroticism. Nudity equals nakedness. Being in our own natural bodies.
nudist family tumblr amberleigh west nude photos Some initial thoughts:. It is a scary transition. While we have notified my family of the move, and where we are living, most everyone else does not know of the unique circumstances of where we live. Many view nudity as innately sexual or wrong, especially social nudity. It was nice to be able to unpack boxes, AND greet fellow residents who dropped by to ask if we needed any help, dressed or undressed as we pleased. Answering the door nude is a new and freeing experience.
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