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Either do an over-the-shoulder smolder like Kimmy, or keep your face out of it and just snap a close-up shot of that donk.

Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her Booty in Hot Mirror Selfie – See the Photo! | Nicki Minaj : Just Jared

A great pair of panties can do to your butt what an awesome bra does to your boobs. It lifts, creates the illusion of a more rotund bum and just looks hot.

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If you're a little anxious about sending a snap of your totally naked ass, a pair of undies can minimize the fear. I personally love this trick because it not only shows off my booty, but also gets my cleavage in the shot. By Izabella Zaydenberg. I once bought a used dresser off Craigslist and discovered a home-burned DVD in it with "Brazil soccer" scrawled on it in a man's handwriting.

Booty Selfie in the mirror | HOT Girls In Yoga Pants | Best Booty Leggings Pics

It turned out to be a bunch of naked porn actresses hanging out on a soccer field being filmed from a low angle in order to make their asses look enormous. Hereafter, I have referred to this as the "Brazil soccer pose. Snakes X Skin snakeskin.

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I'm not going to show you that pornography, but here is an approximation by Rihanna. Another option is the Kim Kardashian- and Nicki Minaj-favored mirror-centric one where you're looking over your shoulder like, "Yes, I have a head, have you noticed?

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