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Sign In. TianaIgbedion Student Filmographer. AmbroiseViridian Hobbyist Digital Artist. LillyGirl Hobbyist General Artist. Keagan15 Hobbyist General Artist. I don't even see shit. Celest Hobbyist General Artist. Can you make it another type of file?

PNG or. Ima go have fun with this. Volga64 Hobbyist General Artist. Used: volga I cant use it ;-; Can you give me a diferent link or BasesMayura Hobbyist Digital Artist. Thanks you very mcuh!

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TimberWolf Student General Artist. Stockinghime Student Traditional Artist. Pony Bases. P2U Bases. Newest Members. KatDrummer Joined 3 days ago. Strawberry-Kiwi-B Joined 3 days ago. Dandy74 Joined 1 week and 2 days ago. Parziivale Joined 1 week and 2 days ago. G-il Joined Nov 24,PM. If you want to be affiliates please do! Prev Next. Bases-For-All Rules.

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Welcome to Bases-For-All! Please read rules before joining this group! Your account must be at least one month old and have at least one deviation in its gallery before you can join this group.

This is to prevent art thieves from joining and to give us a better idea of what to expect from you before you join. Don't spam the group pages with any "thanks for favorites" notifications.

Harassment and flamewars won't be allowed here. If you think someone will take your message seriously, don't post it!

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You may not join as a co-founder or contributor. We may promote anime to contributor or co-founder if you provide lots to the group while following the rules, or you help with rulebreakers. The base could be of any type like original, traced, clothed and so on. So long as it's actually a base, it will generally gay accepted.

Pay attention to what folder you're submitting to. Submissions to the wrong folder will be declined. Please do not post bases that you base dolled on! This is for bases not dolls. All dolls will be removed if they are submitted. Joke bases are not allowed. They may have been allowed in the past and will remain in the group due to the grandfather clause, but they are no longer allowed in the group.

Nude guys this rule is lifted in the future, joke bases will be given their own folder.

Do not submit more than five bases in one sitting. Submitting lots of bases at once is a hassle for the admins. If your submission total is 10 or more, you may be kicked from the group, so be wary.

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Please no fetish stuff. Keep that to another group, thanks. This group is for bases, not YCH adoptables. Any YCH adopts submitted here will be declined, as they are technically not bases.


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gay anime base porntrez View Badges! This group is for the fans of making and using bases. BluesBar BluesBar. Group Info. Join our Group Send a Note. Gallery Folders.
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