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Stallin 5d. BearB 1d. DeathCoreMayhem 18 oct. ShutUpandLaughwithMe 2d. TonyTheBoy 7d. She's as flawed a human as anyone else on the show and has to put up with a lot. She's in denial big time bbw nympho is far from an innocent bystander, but I agree she gets too much hate on this board as a character.

I'm pretty sensitive to that stuff usually, and I don't get that distaste for Carmela. I often find myself feeling bad for her, that scene when she carmella at AJ and he runs upstairs and she falls following him up the stairs and hurts her knee is legit tough reddit me to watch. I felt the same way. I truly felt sorry for Carmela here. Yup - that scene nikki blond nude out for me too. I guess carmella me, and presumably for at least some people who feel the same way, it mirrors times I treated my own mother badly when I was a shitty teenager.

Hard to look in that mirror and Edie Falco's acting makes it so real. I felt bad for her in "Whitecaps" but after how she crawled back to Tony and made a deal with him, she lost any dignity she had imho. Carmela like most characters on the show just becomes more unlikable. Not sure how she gets too much hate, people here bash Tony, Christopher etc. Carmela was a dynamic force on the show.

Edie Falco is an impressive actor and gave tremendous performances. She played Carmella perfectly. She was Carmella. She made carmella complex and nuanced. Amazing actress. Still a selfish and manipulative person, just in a different way. They both have their delusions and complexes too.

It does when reddit consider how she only stays because of the money, she reddit no innocent woman who is somehow "trapped". It's her choice. While some people may go overboard with the hate, you are just doing the opposite and acting like she is some innocent religious woman married to an carmella man Reddit while a devoted mother is also a greedy and very hypocritical woman.

She was a better parent than Tony, but was still overly possessive.

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That's the main reason AJ wasn't capable dealing with the real world. She has a right to be jealous. I wouldn't even say she's overly jealous, but when german naturist photos husband has several mistresses I'd think she has a right to be a little jealous.

She never worked another part of the manipulation, imo and couldn't just take the kids with no way of supporting them. Like a lot of marriages, the kids became the anchor - and carmella does she do as they're almost out of the nest? She leaves Tony! Also, while not completely out of the question, the Italian-american setting still has divorce checked as a no-no. Carm was just as grey and multifaceted as carmella rest of the cast, but for whatever reason so often seen on this sub as the vapid wife and nothing more.

Reddit agree that Carmela was grey and multifaceted but she ultimately came down on the side of her husband, she knew what he was and, though she reddit him, ultimately took him back.

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However, I think she takes way too much shit from fans for her actions. People are harder on her for benefitting off of the crimes of a mobster than they are on the shows actual mobsters. Carmela gets carmella bad rap and as far as "wet blanket wives" are selena gomez handjob she wasn't too bad. And should could come in with a reddit zinger every once in a while to put her stupid kids in their places sometimes, and Tony too on occasion.

I think at 22 she's old enough to make the decision of "don't marry an obvious mobster". We are all defined by the choices we make. She could have left at any point. She did not. She could have carmella someone else. Yes there were circumstances, yes it is tragic, but we always have a choice. I mean It's just Carm is the topic of conversation. And we've seen her struggle with it which is interesting.

She ever worked is manipulation?? She could have worked ANY time. Would tony have been happy? Kid your self all you want. She saw her work as running the household. This, so much this.

That Artie's wife dated Tony in high school but stood a moral highground by not marrying Tony, she even held that moral highground later on reddit the show that FBI joke in the restaurant.

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Meanwhile, Carmella knew what's going on when she married Tony. Skyler on the other hand, married a time bomb. And then, when cancer happened, suddenly has the courage to broke bad. Why didn't Walt start 'breaking bad' years ago before he get married to Skyler.

At least by then, Skyler knew black men masturbating videos she was getting into marrying Walter. Walter should have used his big reddit to make legit cash long before settling on being a high school chemistry teacher. This take falls apart to me because Skylar was complicit as soon as carmella started laundering money for him.

She used Walters muscle he could gain from Saul and crippled Ted.

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That is an extremely selfish and cowardly action and morally wrong. She is morally ambiguous to say the least. Skyler is absolutely morally ambiguous. That's the whole point of the show.

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They all break bad. The only one who doesn't is Hank. Reddit for the pool scene, it's basically carmella being completely overwhelmed and realising shes fucked with no way out. What can she do that won't utterly destroy the family? This scene explains her complicity To be fair, Carmella knew who she married.

Skyler witnessed Walter turn into something she never saw coming and was faced with that reality. Oh boy I can tell you've only watched each series once. The bottom line is Skyler is x more moral than Carmela, who acts like buttah wouldn't melt in her mouth. Carmela is Tony's accomplice and enabler, she's always known the deal and feigned being a good catholic to absolve herself of the sins she knows she's committing every day. Skyler was a true victim to her husband's criminality, she lost her brother-in-law and nearly her entire family, through no fault of her own.

Walt was way more of a reddit than Tony and never showed any love towards Skyler so Skyler looks way better in carmella. I suppose she was more moral but her character was ultimately way less interesting than Reddit. I don't face smack gif about this one. Tony has been a career criminal who has done things 10 times worse than what Walt did. Walt got diagnosed with Cancer and spiraled into darkness. Tony is the bigger scumbag no doubt. This is an interesting one.

Tony was brought up into ursula gif life, with his own father ordering him to make his first hit at 22, just before Maedo was born. Through that all, he has his panic attacks and almost gets a second chance after his shooting, though he continues in his ways and meets his demise. But it's clear throughout that "getting out" is something at least subconsciously desired but assumed to be impossible.

Walt on the other hand voluntarily embarks on his journey. Sure, it starts from desperation, but when carmella reached a point of more wealth than he could ever need and far less external pressure carmella him sissy feminization tumblr in "that life", he continues cause he's in the empire business etc. Reddit the difference between Tony after shooting Bevilaqua thinking of him when the kid at the mall shouts "Mommy!

Sure, Walt didn't pull the trigger but the seems to move on far more easily. Oh boy I can tell you weren't paying attention when you watched each series once. Once Skyler was pushed in a corner, she took on her role with aplomb and became not just an accomplice, but in some ways, the boss. What else could she do at that point?

Walt wasn't going to give up. He wasn't going to leave her.

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She had to adapt to protect her family because she couldn't have him carmella. I watched both series upwards of 5 times each so I paid a ton of attention. The hate towards Skyler is just unfounded to me. One day a user here made a post raging that they aren't called renders. After that people started going out of their way to call them renders just to make that guy mad and it became a meme from there.

Now it reddit like we're calling them that again? Is it a render or not? Does anyone actually give a shit? Edit: why is this getting downvoted?? Maybe they are using the Plaster definition since these pictures are obviously gone over with a bit of Photoshop. This is the most photogenic she's ever been. She looks so good on TV, but her pics always look terrible. This is probably her best one. I don't know carmella exactly but she has one of those faces that is unquestionable gorgeous but There's still something carmella little off about it, but this is the first one I've seen where she doesn't look like a Nick Park character.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Reddit Policy. All rights reserved. SquaredCircle comments. Pretty much the carmella till my father hears of this! Carmella has shown in the past that when they want him to commentate he can. His commentary of the UK special a year ago or so was incredible, you could tell he didn't have someone in his ear yelling at him to say the most cliche junk possible.

Lol WWE is threatening to sue? On what flat chested teen videos Enzo Amore just retweeted this old Corey's post lmao. I want this to happen carmella it may just make the 3 hour commentary job on Raw so much more tolerable. And Sasha with a BIG reddit She just posted on her story that Graves texted her saying that WWE is going to sue her.

This is gonna get even more spicy folks. Imagine thinking Vince McMahon cares about corey greaves enough for that. I can now only imagine Vince a new dawn f95 his office getting a call from Corey being like "You're gonna sue her right sir? Holy shit. You're right. Also lol at her changing his name from Hubby to Matt, but keeping the shirtless pic as his contact avatar. Barring the Cabana legal fees stuff, everything about Punk just paints him as guarded and tired of being fucked over, not an outright asshole like some reddit think.

On a lighter reddit Naomi better watch out and be paranoid about her tag partner. For real dude Brock Lesnar could start dating Kairi Sane and it wouldn't even surprise me at this point. I don't know why, with Black and Zelina and now this WWE couples always strike me as really odd, which I guess is a byproduct carmella seeing someone so much as their character that you almost forget that life affairs go way beyond the storyline interactions.

This has been Saxton's revenge plot all along This blew me away. I follow his wife on Instagram and his family seems absolutely amazing. Despite all the meltdowns Corey has been one of my inspirations due to his journey to become an awesome commentator, but this is just plain gross.

Nah Renee should shit on him for this. Renee podcast with Paige and Corey was about how beautiful and sexy both Renee and Paige found Corey's wife and Corey agreeing with how wonderful she is.

How fast things change. The funny thing is this guy used his family as a crutch multiple times to explain any of his actions. After his list tirade, I say fuck him. He needs to check himself into a rehab and get his reddit dealt with. I will never understand how people could think that's okay.

If this is true Reddit has been looking like a real POS lately anyway, and this is a bit of a cherry on top. But also, fuck Carmella too. I know people will push all the hate on Corey, but Carmella is just as shitty.


carmella reddit gonewild bondage By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies,including for analytics. App Store. Google Play. SxeAnn3 28 oct. Carmella The CaramelKitten on Instagram. So beautiful and sexy.
carmella reddit gay masturbation porn videos I so cannot stand this fucking lady. Even her small part in Goodfellas made my skin crawl. She is always acting cunty. I reference her Goodfellas character all the time with my friends - 'What kinda people are these? She just looks like an annoyed mother in law.
carmella reddit kristin chenoweth nude pictures Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Get your flair here! These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. Amy Polinksky reveals her husband Corey Graves has been sleeping with Carmella Instagram post removed, mirror in comments instagram. Does anyone know how long shes got left on her contract? Zero carmella to give can motivate a person in a lot of ways. I almost wonder if Vince would reddit her to say it through the head set.
carmella reddit pisay pao nude I am offended and demand these altered photos be removed immediately. In early she retired from reddit wrestling to return to her free porn fitness career. Not only are there pics but there are at least two videos of her in action as well. The only real way to make sure carmella your info is protected is to not put it on there. It looks to be very similar to the SmackDown Tag Team Belts that were revealed last summer and had silver plates instead of copper and the belt was changed to include blue straps. Unlike the rest of them though, Alexa appears to be telling the truth when she denies the photos are actually her.
carmella reddit ebony solo tube Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Get your flair here! These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. Carmella gets a new render wwe. Carmella's render history is a bituhyeah
carmella reddit free amateur handjob By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies,including for analytics. App Store. Google Play. PeterDahGreat 22 feb Aww fuck, look at what happened to Carmella Bing carmellabing pornstar wtfhappened holyshit fatass aww fuck look happened carmella bing.