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boobmovie ladyavi patreon A silly, often funny and fairly innocuous little musical, "The Boob Movie" is not really sure what it wants to be: It's a little like "Oh! Calcutta" mixed taz angels sex tape "Saved by boobmovie Bell," with a smattering of a '50s public service announcement thrown in "Boobs can kill! You swore on your originally packed 'Star Wars' figures! So, the girls promise that, if they do something boobmovie little crazy for once, they'll show them their telltale taa-taas. During a night of evading local hoods, a panty raid at a geriatric home and confronting gun-toting Beverly "the wonderslut" a funny turn by Hyltonthe boys, and the audience, get their wish fulfilled numerous times--that is, pretty much every cast member, male and female, appears nude or topless onstage, many of boobmovie while singing songs or delivering heartfelt monologues. Unfortunately, the excessive nudity does little to distract from the show's numerous flaws. In fact, if it wasn't for the spirited and talented young cast--most notably the four excellent principals especially the bespectacled Blood and a terrific, strong vocal performance by ensemble member Cole Razzano in a hilarious riff on "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" called "Womern" --the show would sometimes be unwatchable.
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