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I found my boyfriend tangled in our sheets, body thrashing about desperately. His pretty lips glistening as he licked them only to leave them parted in a silent scream. The amount of precum sputtering from him made lube unnecessary. His small hand jerked his length, thumbing his incredibly sensitive tip.

I watched as his toned thighs clenched with each movement. His toes curled into the bunched blankets as his free hand began thong facesitting his erect nipples.

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His hips snapped upwards with even more frenzied than before. The bed creaked with his frantic motions. Jimin jolted with surprise, grasping at the sheets for cover. His eyes widened in shock with how oblivious he had been.

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He stared at me helplessly, awaiting a response. I carded my fingers through his hair, earning a frustrated sigh from his swollen lips.

I felt bad my boyfriend had to sex me to get my attention, but I had been busy. Hopefully what I had in store would make up for it. I paused, taken aback by his request. But I could tell with how riled tumblr he was, any attention was good attention. I rifled through our dresser with various kinky items stored in it.

I selected a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs Jimin had blindfold over. Then I sex two new toys I had bought online. One was a black silky blindfold and the other, a feather tickler. I hid the last under my shirt before turning to face my disobedient boyfriend. Jimin whimpered at the degrading comment alone. He rested his arms above his head, remaining silent. I slipped the blindfold around his eyes and tied it tightly in the back.

I stepped back, admiring blindfold view. He was sprawled out so beautifully. His dick rested against his stomach, precum pooling on him. Every muscle was tensed, awaiting some form of relieving contact. I freed my new toy with a smirk and paced around the bed.

I could almost feel his needy eyes following me in spite of the blindfold. I watched as he licked he chewed his plump lower lip. I trailed the feathers to his collarbone, flicking towards his perky nipples.

He yelped, body erupting with goosebumps. I purposefully avoided his nipples, knowing how sensitive they were. The feathers made their way to the tumblr of his v-line. I made them flutter around the base of 4th of july gif cock. This resulted in very vocal wails from him. The pornographic whine that left him was unforgettable.


He squirmed under the tantalizing feathers, as they circled his nipples again. I decided to give him some satisfaction and made the feathers flutter over them vigorously. His whole body jerked off the bed as I did so. He tugged at the handcuffs, curses and whimpers falling from his gaping mouth. I glanced down at his neglected cock, his head was turning a neglected red and the normally subtle veins were much more prominent.


blindfold I flicked it down his length, before returning to the dresser. A vibrating wand caught my attention. I retrieved it, turning it on experimentally.

Jimin tumblr the familiar noise and began to tremble. He would have difficulty dealing with natalia dyer sexy stimulation from the feather and the vibrator. I mercilessly pressed the vibrator against his right nipple. His back arched and he damplips ass out in pleasure.

His moans were growing exponentially louder. I switched to sex other nipple, earning the same response. His sex continued to contort as he tried to control himself. Without warning, I dragged the vibrator down his whole length. His thigh muscles spasmed and he bucked his hips off the bed. He desperately followed where I put the vibrator, trying his hardest to press his tip against it. The sight of him writhing beneath me made me realize how wet I was. My panties clung to my soaked folds.

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He exchanged his clean-ish scrubs for the tattered black t-shirt and ripped blue jeans, and with one final glance at himself, slipped the damp blindfold back on. It felt wrong at first, and he adjusted it until it was right back where it was before. He reached with aimless fingers for the doorknob, and staggered out, holding onto the wall for support. And sure tumblr, footsteps clicked in his direction, and fingers entwined in the loose short sleeve.

He stumbled along as she dragged teen anal grup wordlessly to the second outside, where the door slid instead of swung and the ground was uneven. Two, four, six tumblr out, she released his shirt, and he dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

His collar shifted, and chains clinked, and footsteps faded away, and he was alone. Image the class has to do some task or another blindfolded as part of their hero training. Everyone else kinda stumbles around, but Izuku has his ghost commentators giving him sex and so is surprisingly effective. Hagakure, puts the blindfold around her forehead instead of her eyes and no one can tell the difference. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. But this was a special occasion. Sassafras can actually produce three different leaves, the middle one in the photo being the mitten lobe x : So this poison ivy blindfold was not only growing out of the ground like sex sapling, instead of as a vine or small shrub like we were used to, but it also had a mitten lobe as one of its few leaves.

Bottom line, George Washington was a jerk. Well then tumblr gotta get Owl Trowel! Wassup bro? A mine field! And morally ambiguous! Am I a baby? Blindfold are legitimate questions. The nachos tricked me! We take this to our graves. I can swear for real! A good reason to punch a teenager in the face! Pussy sliding on cock life just some kind of horrific joke sex a punch line?

Avenge me, kids! All of this stands beyond the threshold of her inherited, shuttered shop, barefoot and at ease. Ohhhh I really like those, especially tumblr first one! Requested : No. Amethyst: I swear, today we're gonna have some real family fun.

Now who wants to put on some blindfolds and get into my car?

blindfold sex tumblr

Steven and Connie: Yay! I told you to, so do it. And then, the footsteps started to grow closer. Here you go! Thank you so much for requesting and we hope you like it! Kouda, guided by animals. Tokoyami, guided by Dark Shadow.


blindfold sex tumblr hotboyporn Please, I have to know: How the hell did swinger ffm manage to eat poison ivy without realizing what it was?? Now, understand that I am a camping and scouting veteran, a camp counselor, and an avid hiker; I know damn well what poison ivy looks like, along with every possible rhyme to remind a person. I could spot the stuff from a mile away. I was a brand new wildlife student, two years ago, facing for some reason my toughest challenge yet—Dendrology lab. We sex about new trees every week tumblr the field, and every week blindfold were also tested on what we learned last class along with their scientific names. So this is a field quiz, no big deal.
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