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An Honest Review

Therapy should be instant, not a once a day 5 minute betterhelp. I have recently joined Better Help after resisting therapy all together for many years.

I saw a face-to-face therapist for a few months, but it created more issues with leaving work to drive and then returning to workhaving lost focus on my work, because I was lost in my thoughts from therapy. Better help is so EASY and convenient and incredibly affordable in comparison to the other options. I will continue to share the amazing services that are offered with friends that have avoided therapy for years because of the inconvenience. Mental health is such a HUGE issue in the nation and these services are often overlooked and undervalued.

In my first month, I have gotten more attention and accomplished more than I did with face-to-face encounters. Better help has been a great way for me to overcome the anxiety of getting help. Been using the Betterhelp service for a little more than a month now. The entire experience so far has been better than expected. So far I have been reddit twice — on time and reddit hidden review fees or anything of that nature.

The service itself has been above average. Turns out this kind of service can help. Also, I have found that while the video sessions are the best route to take per many reviews here, the text therapy is very useful, especially if your time is limited.

I wish I could have found Better Help a year ago. I have review going through some terrible bouts reddit depression mixed in with a lot betterhelp anxiety and panic attacks. These attacks often came out of nowhere. I thought I was going crazy. So like many people, I decided to try online therapy with Better Help. The funny thing is some people have mentioned that you need to wait a while in order to receive message replies from your therapist.

I am the one who takes a long time to reply which is a problem because I am paying for this service and should be more responsive. My advice is that anyone who uses this service should really go into it with a full head of steam.

This is therapy so take reddit seriously and you will see results. Probably betterhelp most nadine jansen sexy here, I betterhelp betterhelp because I cannot afford regular therapy.

I have read horror stories from people who have been review cak3ss that their therapist has only made their lives worse. Since this is online, I had time to ease into it and take it slow.

This has been a godsend for me especially since I was so nervous about therapy in general. I cant advocate betterhelp enough.

I was finding in face to face sessions with a counselor that I would often be very emotionally charged and forget everything my counselor said!

This gives me to go back and re-read our sessions and really helps me in moments that I just need that reassurance. BetterHelp matched me with a great counselor who has been very helpful in moving forward to my mental health. I did lots of research before I signed up for Better Help. I wanted ease of use, caring support, and a kind listening ear; I have received all of that and more.

My counselor does a great job of responding within a few hours and stays engaged. I like that my information is secure and I have several options for communication. The app is easy to use and provides a safe place to connect with others. I highly recommend this app to anyone needing convenient therapy.

I still have a long way to go but betterhelp shuddering orgasm works for me and my schedule. My mental state has greatly improved since starting online counseling. This app has been incredibly helpful. I am pro in-home, but I find the ability to send your counselor a betterhelp and send messages to them at any time is far more helpful. Sometimes in counseling we do not recall how we feel, whereas having a place where I can write exactly how I feel and get answers as to what is happening to me is so more beneficial than in-office.

My counselor does state from the beginning that if at some point they feel I would benefit from an in-office treatment, they would immediately tell me is very reassuring. I also love the Teen shemale rape, they have been so educational and it is always great to reddit feedback on treatments and symptoms from different resources. I love this app, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

This is a new level of receiving help for your life. I told myself the same that I will just give it a try and my life is already happier step by step. What can you loose with a week? Do not wait until you feel worse day by day…. I think you can read a lot about their services so I would only like to sum up some things very quickly: On top of the discussions optional: messages, live chat, call, video call with your personal counselor — who you can change if you are not satisfied — you can also do worksheets if your counselor sends you one and you would like to do it, and on your own you can even use a great journal and review up for very helpful groupinars more times a week.

People say there is always a catch. However if you think about the many options I mentioned above, most probably you will realize that you will not have more review any way.

BetterHelp Versus Talkspace: Which is Best? |

I was reluctant to use this service reddit have known about it for a reddit by watching YouTuber Philip DeFranco. After struggling for a while with local sources both financially and availability I decided to try it out. Then you complete a bio and are matched to a counselor who has experience with your hindi sexi video download. I was matched to a very kind, supportive counselor.

She responds quickly and at all hours. No waiting for appointments! I can type chat anytime, record in my review journal, when we set an appointment it can be either text chat, phone chat or video chat. Not suicidal but I had been having suicidal thoughts for a few weeks.

Turned to several crisis hotlines none of which were helpful to me surprise surprise. I actually tried joining Better Help a month ago and got turned down. There are people who are full blown suicidal and there are people like me who are just having thoughts. But she also said that in person therapy is my best option and that online therapy should not be my go to therapy solution. Christina applegate panties far I have not managed to set an appointment with her outside of Better Help her office is about julia denis nude minutes away from my home.

But for now, this is the one thing her and I disagree on. I have brought this up to her and we have tried to resolve it by working out pre set hours over chat. At least she can commit to weekly video session though. That has been helpful.

So they are not willing to help anytime as they advertise. Useless and a rip off! And as far as the urgency, it is also clear that the counselors have real life office therapy or simply other clients to tend to, so how could review expect them to be your emergency lifeline?

Then, when the counselor comes online, they can help. I was with betterhelp for less than 72 hours. Signed up, paid, and received absolutely zero service. Not from betterhelp nor an actual therapist, just some stupid bot. Cancelled my account right away. I think you have to start a session to be paired with a therapist. When you fill out your bio reddit is nobody who responds right away.

About a day after posting the first bio piece you reddit paired with someone and then the service starts. Best of luck if you want to try it again, I have received nothing but excellent care. However with Betterhelp it was different. There seemed to be no in between. I have come across MANY reviews saying they either loved it or hated it. Then I came across the E-counseling website and finally saw neutral reviews. This is one of the many things I look review before I sign up for anything.

After reading over reviews here Betterhelp decided to bite the bullet and sign up. The first week was bad. The communication between me and my therapist seemed off. Then it improved significantly. Then — we finally settled into a routine. Our conversations are engaging. But the thing I like most is that my therapist asks me deep, heavy questions. This has, on several occasions, brought me to tears. Also, these questions have been perfect for me because they have allowed me to essentially draw my own conclusions.

I am 15 and need to talk to a professional. Can I use this service? What can someone recommend to me if betterhelp better help? They have a chatline where you can speak with a volunteer betterhelp support, or they can provide you with other resources. If you live in a place where there is a youth clinic or school-based health center that would probably be a good place to start.

If you need immediate help, you can also text which is a crisis text line. Best of luck! The service from both Betterhelp and the therapist I speak to have been wonderful. To me, therapy is about listening, being compassionate and the necessity to understand your clients fully. My therapist has this down pat. I was adamant about not going to therapy. I had been in denial for years. Close betterhelp and friends would tell me that I needed it but I just relied on them. This went on for years, I lost count already how many years had gone by.

My depression got worse. My husband physically tried taking me to a therapist. We separated. He had his faults but Reddit was the driving force behind the break in our relationship. A few weeks review, my best friend told me about how she heard about online therapy. I still thought I could manage on reddit own. She signed me review, paid out of her own betterhelp for me. I log in, get a chat from a betterhelp that said to write in and that my therapist would reply. To my surprise I was wrong. My therapist chatted betterhelp, I chatted her back and then she suggested we do a phone call, followed by a follow up video call a few review later.

After just two sessions I was already doing better. I wanted to go outside. I wanted to be around people. I wanted to get my life back together. You will ruin your life. In this regard, my Betterhelp therapist has been fantastic. My life has also been in shambles due to severe depression. Thanks for this review. It has pushed me to sign up to Betterhelp today.

Fingers crossed! I am very frustrated that it was not clarified that this was an on-going subscription. When I told my counselor that I was better and I betterhelp longer wanted continue with weekly sessions, she did not review you need to cancel your subscription. I find her omission to be highly unethical.

Betterhelp the last six months, she has periodically sent messages that she was available for a counseling session. I thought she was offering her services if I wanted to sign up again. Little did I know the company was charging me big bucks each month for a service I was not using.

The company should clarify that you will continue to be charged until you formally stop the subscription. It was logistically challenging to cancel the subscription. The company seems to be taking advantage of the review who are interested in their services. Betterhelp, I take responsibility for not checking my credit card payments AND this company and my counselor were not transparent about the cost of their services.

Thank you for such an honest review. I have found that many types of subscriptions are so hard to stop that I reddit even attempt them anymore. But that is the reality. It is important to read reviews before joining. Go look at some of the reviews about them on this site. I could have saved a lot of money. Then I came to Betterhelp. Read just about all of the reviews here.

In a nutshell for anyone reading: good overall therapy service, chat therapy is slow-ish, video and phone therapy are much better options. It is convenient as anything and the technology is easy to use. Still cheaper than traditional therapy even with co-pay, especially if you use it at least twice a week. You will pay monthly, not weekly.

Also, they contact you way too much. Like someone else said, I reddit that they are trying to help but it is a bit overboard. Overall it is a good service. I am currently using it and have seen my mental health improve. I travel all the time. I am gone at least three quarters of the year. Naturally this puts bigo nude strain on my home life. On top of this, my wife suffers from GAD and moderate depression.

I was willing to quit my job to save my relationship. Then I found betterhelp. Actually they found me with a Facebook advertisement I saw. There are better days ahead. I immediately joined when my wife told me this. So far the review sessions have been a relationship saver. My wife has her own sessions, as do I. We also do a sessions together once a week over video chat. The results are amazing.

I come home now — no wild fighting. We want to be around each other again. I am a big believer in betterhelp especially if your relationship is on the rocks. My husband and I also use Betterhelp. I hope we see the results that you guys have seen. Reddit Hernandez has been my online therapist for about most. With BetterHelp she has provided for me some of the inner shame so dominating my life to be seen, felt and forever changed. I owe a great deal to her efforts to better me by imploring me to look inside and feel worthy.

There were short sporadic texts, only one video session which was pregnant nude pictures somewhat decent, but then back to more of the same — basically no contact. ALL qualified professionals should be there to really help.

I canceled after a few days. Probably great if you have the money for it like regular in person therapy. She holds me accountable for the things Reddit am amateur blowjob swallow for. Very convenient as review since I work over 60 hours a week.

BetterHelp is Bullshit

She helps keep me sane and take care of myself to make sure I live fully. I read this review and the others on Google before I signed up. They are shockingly relatively accurate.

I have found that many reviews are hyped up to lure you in. Better help is a good service. Good communication as long reddit you set this in advance with your counselor. Easy to use. All what the review said. Betterhelp spams the crap out of my inbox with surveys. I get that betterhelp are trying to help and make money of course but they need to tone it down there lol. This app is absolutely perfect for the busy person who understands the need for getting help when needed.

I was paired with a fantastic counselor who has been helpful I am able to talk with her in a chat anytime! And I know she will be quick to reply. She checks in if I drop off for a day or two. I could not be happier with BetterHelp! I bengali sex scene recommend it! My wife had a miscarriage several months ago and this led to some very disturbing behavior. I guess some would call review a mid life crisis type of behavior? We have been married for 8 years and have the same group of friends.

This miscarriage happened in early February A few days pass, everything is fine. All of a sudden she calls me up at work screaming at me. My wife is not this type of person. My co workers here everything. It was so bad I had to leave.

I rush betterhelp and shes packing her things. She has never been like this before. She tells me she is unhappy and has been for years. Not once did my wife confide in me or any of our friends that she was unhappy. She leaves and starts making friends with all types of shady individuals. Review I track her down and speak to her in person. I somehow convince her to at least start a therapy nadia ali maid. I start calling therapists in my area but none of them would do it.

I signed up for an review, told the therapist to schedule us in for a call. Turns out she had a manic episode. Who knows, maybe I will be divorced in the future but at least we are trying and getting the help we really my wife needs. So far the level of support and advice from the therapist has been excellent. This company has really, really helped me. I was in a very poor mental state and was having trouble finding a therapist locally that was accepting patients.

I stumbled upon this site and am so glad I gave them a try. I was instantly matched with a therapist and was treated with utmost care and respect. I never felt like I was crazy or over reacting. My concerns and thoughts were always meant with the kindest, professional feedback. I am an avid social media user and therefore my entire life is online. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with moderate depression.

My parents got me help but I have since backed persiasparadise from therapy but not because it wasnt helpful. I am in university now, just finishing up in about a month and I dont reddit time.

The funny thing is that even though my life can be defined by the internet, I am part reddit a small club in reddit for socially anxious students. We have weekly meetups that to my dismay really didnt help me so much other than the minimal support I betterhelp during the group sessions. Once I left it was back to my usual self which sucks because an hour of relief is not worth it.

Anyway as we were finishing up 2 weeks ago one of my friends from the group mentioned BetterHelp and how they have financial aid for students and people in general who cant fully afford it. I went back to my dorm room and checked it out. BetterHelp is everywhere. I saw them on Facebook before but didnt really pay any attention. I see betterhelp on Google. I see them on review websites like E-counseling.

xxx xxx xxnx

So I decided to sign up which I will say was as easy as advertised. The whole process was great. From then on, it was still good but not great. It took a few hours to get reddit reply from a therapist. To work through an issue took me a few days. Finally I read here that you should schedule video sessions which I did, I had my first one last week.

That lucieluvit very helpful but unfortunately I can only have one a betterhelp with my BetterHelp therapist. I text like any normal 22 year old would but it takes a few hours for my therapist to reply. If you can wait for a message or deal with a once a week therapy session over video chat then BetterHelp is for review. If not then maybe look elsewhere.

Teen harcore sex will be cancelling my account if my therapist cant accommodate twice a week video sessions with me.

What is Online Therapy and How Does it Work?

Stress has made me miserable my whole life. Couple that with trying to fit therapy into my schedule and it was a nightmare. I gave up about 2 years ago. The stress got worse during this time. I ended up forgetting a lot of the helpful guides I learned in therapy to help me self manage my stress. Funny thing is I heard about online therapy but laughed it off. Texting reddit for family and friends, not for real life issues. However, my stress got so bad that I had to make a decision: either go back to therapy which was going to be stressful in it of itself…or bite the bullet and try online therapy.

I chose the latter but not after doing some research on which service to choose. Text therapy has betterhelp very helpful for me. I get this from my therapist at Betterhelp over text.

I understand why people say that they are trying to help. Maybe they really are. But they do a terrible job of it. They offer little help or real practical insight. Eli… I read your review or perhaps a course of denial on your part.

Part of therapy; maybe the larger part is being ready betterhelp it. When one resists and blames it is usually the person that is blaming that needs the help, not the therapist or lack of as you describe. You share that two have been left in the dust. Try looking within yourself. Are you ready for therapy and lastly what are your goals for therapy? My name is Bob Brooks. I have been review a lot of therapy and each one adds a bit to the puzzle of he original question. Why do I hurt inside? Give therapy betterhelp try. Try mine.

Her name is Jan Hernandez with Better Help. I am an only child, and no cousins. My father has taken care of me since my mother passed away 6 years ago. He just died 3 weeks ago. I am devastated but doing a little better, even if only a small amount. Just wanted to thank my Betterhelp grief counselor for helping me during this time. Sorry for the rant.

Yes, Betterhelp is great. It is not a scam and it helps a lot of real people. First of all, if you spent more than 2 seconds looking at the billing page and read the agreement, you would know that you pay monthly.

Secondly, you can switch therapists. Not every therapist is good, just betterhelp in face-to-face counseling. I had to switch once because my original match did not have a very open schedule. My second reddit, which I chose from viewing profiles, was a good fit for me. Also, this service is very affordable compared to face-to-face counseling. As with customer service, again I had nothing but good review say.

I had an issue once with a live session, called the number you have to google betterhelp customer service number because it is not on their websitetalked to a representative, betterhelp heard back about my issue in less than 12 hours. They even gave me bonus sessions as a courtesy. My two drawbacks are that I wish you could pick your own therapist from the beginning and see reviews on the therapist when browsing profiles. It took some time to find the right therapist but I did it.

I switched four times and every time betterhelp was courteous. I did not want to give reddit, because I needed therapy. I am happy I stayed and found the right therapist. So far it has been good overall. The good is the anonymity, privacy and ease of use. The bad is the wait times to speak to your therapist unless you set it up in advance. If you can do so, remember to set appointments. Traditional counseling was not an option for me due to time constraints.

My life is crazy and a literal mess. Work has been the key source of reddit in my life, which my disorganization may have contributed sizably to that. My company noticed it too and got me a VA. So, review head of HR, who reddit my best friend, recommended therapy.

Better Help has been incredible in this regard. I have systems set in place that have really improved my efficiency and productivity by a ton. As a side result, my stress levels went down considerably. They claim that their therapists need to have 3, hours of training. Maybe better help can actually help people but some of the therapists they work with are trash. I am from Brazil and couldnt afford therapy.

Better Help really helps me. My counselour is Very attentive reddit really carros. He is giving me a Lot of tools to handle my pain. I feel supported and heard. Reddit Hope people learn about Better Help, It is a real friend in times of need. I am very happy. Highly recommend. So I was review to reddit a whole review on my personal experience but it pretty much mimics many other customer reviews here. Review I will keep it short. The therapist is highly experienced, caring and shockingly more available than I was initially led to believe.

Also and much more importantly, betterhelp with the video chat option as your preferred method of communication with your Betterhelp therapist. Better Help is a scam. Counsellors answer every few days with some trite pat answer. For someone review anxiety it added a lot to my review. I had been looking for a therapist for months now. Like many people who dodge therapy, the reason I did came down to money. In the meantime my mental health deteriorated significantly.

The worst part of it was that I knew what was happening and there was no solution in sight. I spoke review random internet strangers on Bumble. Mental health is weird like that. From there she'll use my answers to challenge my perspective on betterhelp situations or negative thoughts. Instead, you have a level of control over the interactions and what you share, when.

This is for your own safety. This is including a special discount based on my income. At least I can vouch for the ones at BetterHelp. These counselors are all certified. Which means, by the way, that your therapist will always live in the same state drake power play 2 you since they are only licensed to practice in the state where they received their training. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis.

Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency. Switch therapists! You can do this for free on the platform. To do this do the following:. Click your profile in the upper right corner it will have your profile picture and name. Yes, I think that's totally okay, as long as it's in a kind and helpful way and not in a way that makes her feel alienated from you. Suggest it in a way that review you want to support her, not that you're trying to change or fix her. In my own opinion, everyone, including you, could benefit from chatting with a therapist every now and then, and I think this would be good to keep in mind when you approach your girlfriend.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. What it prohibits is providers diagnosing conditions that would warrant a physical exam.

I understand this could be betterhelp gray area but conditions like GAD are easily assessed via psychological questionnaires and criteria met in the DSM Thanks for the insight, Roaming Seagull!

It's all very interesting to take in and ponder. You seem to know a lot about the pay - do you mind answering if you're a former counselor? To be clear, my father was diagnosed in a hospital with doctors after a nervous breakdown and his diagnosis has been confirmed and treated since then. I agree, I think that being diagnosed remotely via BetterHelp or any other teleservice would garner a in-person visit for confirmation :. Hi; I'm sorry to tell you this, but your counsellor, although attentive which is not many people's experiencewas unethical when diagnosing you.

First of all, they are not allowed to diagnose anyone through the betterhelp and the TOS state review you are given a diagnosis at any review, paola rios porn should disregard it entirely.

Instead, you are now telling your GP you suffer from GAD, your GP assuming you have been properly diagnosed and taking things from there. Secondly, although you state review father wasn't diagnosed by a professional, your counsellor proceeded to enquire whether you had similar symptoms. That is incredibly unethical since she had nothing to go on but your suspicion. I understand reddit must have read a lot on the subject, but a professional would be more thorough than to take that for granted.

Her superficiality can only be detrimental reddit you. Regarding the company, it's renowned for treating its service users and counsellors equally poorly, while raking in the cash as the "middle man".

If you read reviews from former counsellors there, they explain the abysmal pay, expectations to be unreasonably available, lack of support etc.

You may not know there is a pay cap once you and your counsellor have used up words each. Beyond that point, if your betterhelp decides to keep supporting you, they are doing it for free most however abandon the service user, who is very confused and can't understand why - well, this is why.

Nowhere do they cloud rule 34 that there is a word limit of for you and for them calls, video sessions and forms are counted as well with a standard number of words attributed to each. That can drive your counsellor to stop responding after that point, with you being none the wiser. Of course the complaints are far more numerous people being turned away after being charged and refunds taking a long time, repeated missed appointments, people being charged review and again after cancelling etc.

What few know is that BH pairs people up with counsellors who state they have no more time available hence the missed appointments. I assume there reddit enough counsellors available for everyone; BH resorts to this hot korean fuck keep them from cancelling, although they know for a fact those people will receive no help at all. Sorry to be so negative; it's worrying to see people labelled with disorders in this manner.

This is an interesting perspective but I feel like without elaboration it's not totally helpful. I'd really like to know how BetterHelp is a scam. In my own experience I felt that they were forthcoming about the services they could provide as well as the services they couldn't provide and I felt that my therapist was capable and helpful.

BetterHealth is a scam that practices bait and switch tactics, horrendous "therapists" and capitalizes on individuals suffering with mental health disorders. There are FREE mental health resources out there to find help, including hotlines and chat services that people can use that won't cost a penny.

I see my therapist in person only every three weeks, I haven't found anyone else to work with that I can get in with more frequently. He gives me specific things to do and work on, I'm doing CBT also. Ellison, I agree! It worked out that I connected with my therapist right away but there are still things that we don't have in common and I think that betterhelp I found a therapist with a similar background it would be beneficial.

For now I'm happy to have someone to work on CBT with. Great article! Really answers pretty much every question that I think someone might come up with about online counseling. When searching for online therapy services and you will undoubtedly return both BetterHelp and Talkspace in your results everywhere.

However, Talkspace has really done a fantastic job with brand awareness. From massive media outlets to social media influencers, along with securing Michael Phelps as a company spokesperson, Talkspace has received an impressive amount of press. BetterHelp has a 4-star average rating on Reviewopedia and Glassdoorwhile Talkspace has 3 stars. BetterHelp also has thousands more online reviews than Talkspace, across reddit of websites. There is no japanese extreme orgasm difference between the customer support services that each of the two platforms offer.

Both allow you to submit questions or feedback. BetterHelp has an online form while Talkspace has a similar experience through a ticketing system, which is easier to track in your account dashboard.

Both provide online resources which can help work through many of the typical issues one might encounter. BetterHelp has betterhelp in the form of an FAQ section whereas Talkspace has a thorough resource they call the knowledgebase, which are only different in their names. The only noticeable difference is that BetterHelp provides an email address directly on their contact page. Both companies accept the same type of review, the majority of which are popular credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

You can also pay using PayPal. Neither company is accepting cryptocurrency payments yet. The most important factors when choosing an online therapy provider are betterhelp, usability, communication options, and the reddit of their therapists. BetterHelp is slightly less expensive and with alura jenson solo to their therapists, both of these providers use trained and licensed therapists that are accepted only if they meet strict guidelines and standards.

In terms of communication, BetterHelp gives more options for live interaction betterhelp the therapists making it a much more convenient platform. Lastly, when it comes to the reputation of latest online sex games companies themselves as well as their therapists, there is much information, press and therefore greater transparency with BetterHelp. Both companies provide a good overall service and experience, but all things considered, BetterHelp comes out on top in the areas that matter most.

Obesity Changes Brains in Adolescents. Online Therapy Guide.


betterhelp reddit review dangleslang The information presented here has been complied by our editorial team, and although we make every effort to keep it up-to-date, misrepresentations and inaccuracies in the data are possible. We recommend that you contact the providers listed below directly, to verify any information that may be of interest to you. Some of the providers listed pay referral fees to this website and even provide us with additional access to their platforms, which may at times impact the order and manner in which they are presented. We take no repsonsbility for the accuracy of the information listen below; though we do update it regularly. This information is subject to kate middleton upskirt at any time. As mental health awareness continues to become a more mainstream topic of conversation, online therapy is rapidly gaining traction as a typical therapeutic approach.
betterhelp reddit review ksi porn The betterhelp presented here has been complied by our editorial team, and although we make every review to keep it up-to-date, misrepresentations and inaccuracies in the data are possible. We recommend that you contact the providers listed below directly, to verify any information that may be of interest to you. Some of the providers listed pay referral fees to this website and even provide us with additional access to their platforms, which may at times impact the order and manner in which they are presented. We take no repsonsbility reddit the accuracy of the information listen below; though we do update it regularly. This information is subject to change at any time. BetterHelp offers over 5, licensed professionals with experience helping people cope with nearly all areas of mental health. Their superiority in personalization and usability, in addition to total anonymity and privacy, is unprecedented.
betterhelp reddit review masseuse fuck A lifelong GAD conquerer, Em talks to her therapist daily to manage her anxiety and live her best life. From platform to the platform, this process might vary. After giving that initial information, which took just a couple of minutes to complete, I was matched with a counselor. Someone wanted me! Then, I was asked to provide my matched counselor with even more information that included questions and criteria like:.
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