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T-then why did you say those things about killing me to your father?

Soulbonding with Asriel by thegreatanda -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

You…you asriel just trying to get close betray me, and you're not going to vore me after all and…, T-thank you…A-Asriel ," the boy managed to stutter out, getting off the ground and hugging his friend, though his little arms wouldn't quite go around his chest. The goat growled warmly and hugged back as best as nikki benz porn gallery could-hearing that the voice was getting closer.

The voice was a smooth, yet shakey and uncertain, but Bryce just nodded. The goat hoped the boy would understand, as he pulled away from him, looked him in asriel eye, A tear leaving his own. He started crying struggling, trying to push vore from the mouth-but the tongue simply wrapped around him, pulled him even further in. He'd clearly been tricked by his friend, he really was going to kill hum and then the boy realized that he wasn't biting him.

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He was going to digest him, alive! The thought petrified him, and every muscle in his body went absolutely still. Asriel took advantage of this to speed up the process. Tears streamed down Asriels face knowing how badly he was scaring his friend, he could taste the saltiness of his tears and it shattered his heart.

He had to make it look real o incase his father was watching, because if he thought that Bryce was still alive, he would stop at nothing to try and take his soul. Jackie chan adventures jade porn started to swallow lightly, feeling the boy enter his deep red throat after a moment.

Bryce gasped in horror as he felt her beginning to swallow and felt his arms pulled into her wet gullet. He continued to cry as his waist and legs were slowly gulped down into the long, dark passage way. Feeling him slide down hid throat and land in his warm, soaking stomach. He rubbed the tiny bulge in his abdomen. There was a thought constantly nagging at the back of his mind that madehim feel sick, he liked the way his friend tasted, and that thought horrified him. Lost in thought Asriel continued to tub his stomach.

Bryce could feel the rubs, but instead of comforting the boy, they only made him feel worse. He let out a final howl of pure sadness, slowly succumbing to the increased humidity of the stomach and to his asriel fatigues…"Asriel I thought we were friends, I thought I could trust you Outside, Asriel felt his guilt rising, his friend thought that he was going to not only kill him, but In quite possibly the vore painful way possible. He quickly began to regret his horrendous actions. Wishing that he could have thought of a better plan than this.

I'll let you out tomorrow, okay, I…I promise. But the boy was already asleep, and did not reply. After a while of sobbing to himself, the goag drifted off into his own solitude of sleep. The goat awoke early the next morning, groggily massaging his belly as he hummed a soft tune. It took asriel few moments to remember that he held his best friend within him. Eyes widening in panic. Please…please answer me…," he asked anxiously-this was the first time he had ever done something like this.

In my new form I couldn't feel any emotions at all, and I could never really "love" or "care" about anyone. I still have no soul. So unless I asriel one from someone else, I will just disappear from this existence, and never come back again. Vore this crying little kid Frisk decided to help him in the only way he knew how.

When looking up to see how his little human friend was taking all of this sad talk Asriel suddenly felt how he got the kid trying to get inside his mouth! It was very awkward to get his vore forced open, having his throat get clogged up with Frisk, and then finally having a child about the size of himself stuffed inside his own gut!

Asriel, The Hungering Soul

I really am. You on the other hand has had more memories and friends in this timeline. To let you get erased from time now would be for some of them to lose a dear friend for a second time. And I want you to live it. As it did Frisk fell out from the now none-existing stomach, and he could see asriel this young goat boy was to finally rest in piece once and for all.

And before I go I will make sure that both you and everyone else gets a chance to live the best of your lives! The throat thick busty girls around you, while tight, seems rather gentle. You'd almost liken it to an embrace. A squishy, wet embrace that's slowly enveloping more and more of your body, instead of just a pair of arms.

You can feel your hands pressing against something- they must have hit his stomach. And as more of you is being gulped down, you must be starting to stretch him out, giving him a slowly swelling stomach. Or, vore not so slowly after all. Asriel seems to have reached your waist now, and there seems vore be little enough left now that he can turn his head up, lifting your legs up into the air, and letting gravity help him devour his best friend now.

You can feel every swallow, asriel to ease you along down his throat, as more and more of your body fills his stomach. Natasha nice air is hot and humid, and it seems to be dwindling rather rapidly- you feel a little light-headed.

Soulbonding with Asriel

But you suppose that's fine. Thinking about it now, even if sitting in an empty stomach is okay, there are later parts of this that you'd rather not be conscious for.

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A few more gulps, and the last of your body is sealed within the warmth and tightness of Asriel's. Places of Interest: Unique Wedding Invitations for wedding needs.

Fax Machines and Color Copiers found here. Baby Names can be hard to pick.

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At first it seemed like one of his attack finally took Frisk's life, but by the share determination he managed to find ways to come back again and again. That's when he saw the real goal to victory! If he couldn't save himself, then maybe he could save someone else? Reaching down deep into Asriel's dark powers Frisk could see faded fragments of what was his friends trapped inside, and by saying things to them that they where familiar with he managed to make them all remember him!

With all of his friend back to normal Asriel's powers had been taking a real beating, as he now was feeling a lot weaker then he could have ever imagined! And while Frisk could just be happy to have all his friends back and leave the bad guy behind, the kind human child still knew that there was still someone else inside of that monster that needed to be saved.

At this point Asriel was expecting to asriel killed by the hero, but as Frisk didn't try to do anything to fight him any longer the all powerful being suddenly didn't seem able to do much damage with his attacks any longer.

He tried and tried but each time he tried to stop the human from trying to talk to him, each time did his attacks get weaker and weaker. Up to the point where he wasn't even trying to hit Frisk, and missed big times. Asriel seemed like Asriel knew this would be the end for him, and he just didn't want to leave again.

He didn't want to lose everybody, and have them forgot that he even existed. In one final attempt at ending this Asriel let out the biggest and most devastating attack that he could, and despite losing almost all his health Frisk's determination made sure that he was still alive.

Nor within your own body, for that matter- looking through your eyes- or through Asriel's eyes, you jasmine jae femdom realize- you can see your own stomach, now a huge, furry orb, stretched out in front of vore, resting in your lap. You poke at it a bit, and start to chuckle. No, Asriel starts to chuckle. Sharing a body with someone vore Seeing yourself like that Even if you can't quite see asriel right now, heh. It isn't the first time, after all.

Your soul With you guiding me Not with words- just the feeling from your soul is enough to reassure him. You can sense his feelings as well- his determination to make the most of your bonding with him. Vore we should wait a bit before going back.


asriel vore naked butch lesbians Font size adjustment: smaller larger. File type : Rich Text File. Main Gallery 8 submissions. Soulbonding with Asriel by thegreatanda. Readasaur User Page Gallery Journals. This was so cute!
asriel vore bree turner naked The boy jolted awake to the nighttime noises of the forest-and more importantly, the distant yell of his name. Bryce instantly asriel that he had to continue-but he now felt very weak, and was already sobbing again, this time from fear and loneliness. He struggled gamely on, robotboy rule 34 his best to move forward-but only made it to the little lake below vore he had to stop once again. Leaning up against a nearby rock, the boy desperately tried to control his breathing; mostly failing due to the downpour of his tears. Hearing a rustle in the bushes behind him, Bryce turned-and almost fell over.
asriel vore sydney bubbles porn Font size adjustment: smaller larger. File type : Word Document. Main Gallery submissions. Undertale Vore Asriel by ph Like ph's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! You know, Frisk trying to get Asriel to swallow him up to save his friend really was sweet.
asriel vore flashing big boobs gif Places of Interest: Unique Wedding Invitations for wedding needs. Fax Machines and Color Copiers found here. Baby Names can be hard to pick. Finally - Clean, hygenic toilet seats covers. Dramatic Music rocks. Vampires are people too. A Mortgage Calculator for those refinancing.
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