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Cat Cora is definitely 2. I have never met her but I hope she is as nice in person as she seems in interviews. Close up of her cleavage you mean. Me thinks you missed the point of the list. LlamaGirl : Cat Cora nude a hoooooooooot lesbian.

Never understood that attraction. Funny how Cat Cora is the only real chef in the sequeira MugzyBrown : Claire Robinson has psycho written all of her face. Bloody William : Seriously? Giada's number 1? Aarti about the way she talks.

And after sex, she'd probably whip you up a chocolate cake. Giada has appeal, but her head lesbian cheerleader sex frickin huge. Probably sharp knees, too. Everydayiblasphorme : Cupcake Wars- omg a lot of the contestants on there are hot.

Glenford : Calder. Khellendros : Is it just me, or does that picture of Nadia G make her look like a hooker?

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Share this link: URL:. Article Comments close. You can't say they didn't get 1 right. Elrond Hubbard. Definitely no EVOO. Ed Grubermann. I would put Claire Robinson nude 1.

I only know sequeira and 2. Calm Down You Spaz. Fark It. Close up of her cleavage aarti mean Came here to say this. Don't know those people. Not really. If she annoys me, I obviously don't find her sexy. Hot body?

Awesome tits. Everything above the head is wrong though. She is not a pretty lady. Bloody William. Nigella is hot.

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Cat Cora is a hoooooooooot lesbian. LlamaGirl : Cat Cora is a hoooooooooot lesbian The truth. You speak it. Philip Francis Queeg.

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Padma Lakshmi is on a TV cooking show, and is Fukushima levels of hot. Even though sequeira doesn't actually cook on her TV cooking show, the list fails.

Claire Robinson has psycho written all of her face. Solon Isonomia. I can't stand Giada and huge fake smile. And now her head's even bigger. No Sandra Lee? Granted her cooking is an abomination, but she has huge I would like to see Sunny Anderson naked too.

Cupcake Wars- nude a lot of the contestants on there are hot. I came in here to say this. I'll just leave this here Giada would get some everyday American, all while making me more of a fat arse. Thank god there was another article written discussing female TV "chefs" and their respective sexiness.

I was worried something had changed in the past week. Bal Arneson's friends on that show put her to shame. Oh aarti, yes, she does.

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Chris Brown tweeted his hemisphere assed assessment that Ebola is seemingly a law engineered gesture of populace ascendancy. Both look like equally insincere. Latest Top Rated Most Viewed. All Videos. Aarti Sequeira Topless. She is particularly known for her Indian cuisine-influenced recipes.


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